‘Create the ultimate in elegance and privacy with sheers and curtains’

Lindy's supply and install custom made curtains, sheers, linings and tracks. We understand fabrics and how best to transform them into beautiful practical solutions. Our curtains are made locally by experienced machinists who take pride in their work. Our service is completely mobile where customers can benefit from having fabric samples brought into the home or office with hundreds of colours, patterns and textures to choose from. Create the ultimate in elegance and privacy with the latest fabrics and fixtures available from Lindy’s Curtains and Blinds.

Things to consider

Curtains provide unlimited options when decorating with choices that include: fabrics, tracks, rod sliders, pleat styles and finials through to pelmets, valances, side drapes and tie backs. The following is a guide on the options to consider.

Pleat styles

This is the curtain heading which sets the tone for how the fabric will hang and bunch. There are a variety of pleat styles for slider tracks and rods, the most common are: Reverse (box), Double pinch, Pencil and Wave fold.

Box Pleat

Double pinch pleat

Triple pinch pleat

Pencil pleat

Tracks and rod sliders

The modern rods and tracks have sliders to help make opening and closing smooth and effortless. They are available in a variety of styles and colours and can be installed with single or double brackets to create more options to combine curtains, sheers and linings.

Close up of rod slider

S wave Rod slider

Double track with sheer and lining

Double rod slider with sheer and lining


Fixed to the rod ends, finials add a decadent finish to compliment curtains. There are many styles and options available – the following are some examples.












Made from solid materials and covered with fabric, they are installed above doors or windows as a decorative feature to hide curtain fittings. Pelmets also serve to reduce the amount of light and heat entering above the window or door covering. They are custom made to size and covered with any choice of fabric.

Valances, side drapes, tie backs and cushions

Valances are a fabric version of pelmets which are custom-made using curtain fabric. Similarly, side drapes, tie backs and cushions can be custom-made for adding a decorative flair to compliment your décor.