‘Reduce heat and glare with external awnings and canopies’

Awnings available from Lindy's provide an effective barrier to minimise the sun’s effect on exposed windows, verandahs and patios. With a diverse range of awnings on offer, each has their own advantages and suitability for the location to be installed. They are available in a wide choice of fabrics, colours and patterns. The following is a guide on the different types.

Folding arm fabric awnings

Create a sheltered space without the need for posts. This type of awning offers flexibility to adjust the pitch by up to 60°, extend outwards by up to 3 metres or fold discretely away when not in use. It is operated by turning a crank handle (as standard) or can be motorised with sensors.

Straight drop awnings

Ideal for screening verandahs, patios and entertainment areas. There are a few variations available designed to suit different building and installation situations. The main differences being that Multi-stop channel versions generally require a post or wall to fix against, whereas wire guide does not.

Multi-stop channel

A cost effective straight drop awning fitted with spring-loaded tension enabling it to retract automatically. It is operated by manually pulling down on the bottom rail, and when at the desired position, simply twist the rail to lock it into the channel.

Heavy duty straight drop with channels

This awning is operated by turning a crank handle (as standard) or can be motorised. When the bottom rail is at the desired position it can rest on its own weight or be locked with a pin at nominated intervals.

Wire guide

This awning is operated by turning a crank handle (as standard) or can be motorised. The bottom rail is guided along a stainless steel wire which is bolted to the floor. When the bottom rail is lowered to ground level, dog clips are attached to maintain tension.

Auto Rollup fabric awnings

This awning is fitted with spring loaded tension enabling it to retract automatically. It is operated by manually pulling the bottom rail down while arms are lowered along guide rods. When at the desired position, simply release and the arms will lock into position. The awning projects outwards from the guide rods at a fixed distance, depending on the arms length, which range in set sizes from 150mm to 1200mm. Zinc arms and guide rods are standard with options available for aluminium arms, or stainless steel arms and guide rods. Valances are included in a choice of straight or scalloped edges.

Drop arm fabric awnings

There are a few varieties available which offer different functionality and suitability for installation. Essentially they all operate via a pivot arm that can be raised or lowered to provide various shading positions.  The Cord and Reel and Double Arm Cord and Reel versions are an ideal solution for windows that are difficult to access. They have the option of standard cord and reel operation or a crank tape coiler for internal and/or second storey operation.

The Pivot Arm versions are ideal for balconies or ground level applications where access is within reach. They are operated by a crank handle (up to 3m length), with some capable of being motorised. With the right building support structures, widths of up to 5.8m and drop length of 2.9m (1450mm arms) can be achieved for residential and commercial purposes. There are a range of options available including spring tension, weather boxes, sensors and finishes.

Louvre awnings

Solid construction provides strength and durability for all weather conditions. Made from a choice of Tru-steel or Aluminium, fixed or adjustable (with internal or external control). They are available in a variety of colours with optional top cover flashing.

At Lindy’s Curtains and Blinds, we have access to many more products not shown or listed, including: Ziptrak®, Zipscreen and canopy awnings.